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ANTEO subastas is geting ready online for our upcoming auction.

Dear friends,

Due to the current circumstances as unexpected as atypical, we want to continue transmitting our closeness and willingness until the restoration of the desired normality takes place.

To do this and thanks to the IT resources, we encourage you to ask us about your doubts, questions and anything else that we can be of help and support to you within our world specialized in buying and selling art.

We continue to be at your disposal 100%, as we have always done and we remind you that you will be informed on the website that you know so well, of the news and of the next events that will undoubtedly occur, when everything returns to normal.

Much health to you and your families.

Thank you all.


We are Geting ready our upcoming auction and we admit ítems  for our upcoming auction.

You can contact us by email: correo@anteosubastas.net or by phone call : 0034 943 44 67 54

Kind regards 

ANTEO subastas