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The Room may request references on any potential participants as bidders in an auction. Likewise, the Room may request bank reference or other guarantees from the awardee/purchaser of one or several lots, if this is deemed appropriate.

If Anteo Subastas requires a bidder to make a security deposit in order to participate in the auction and bid for a lot and the successful bidder/buyer of the lot does not pay for the lot within 7 working days of the auction, Anteo Subastas will terminate the sale of the lot and the successful bidder/buyer will forfeit the security deposit made for the lot as compensation and expenses incurred.

The Room and auction Manager may reject any bid without having to provide any justification or explanation whatsoever.

Whilst the lots are being exhibited, anybody intending to participate in an auction will check the state and other conditions of the item to be purchased, in order to confirm that the catalogue description reflects his examination.

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Bids in writing

The Room may make a bid and announce, over time and according to the circumstances of the auction, any offers it has received in writing from any bidders, formalised in the forms provided by the Room for this purpose or by any other electronic or remote means. This service is cost-free. All Lots will be awarded at the lowest price allowed by the other bids and any reserve prices. If more than one offer for the same Lot is received, for the same price, the first offer received by the Room will be granted priority for its subsequent award in the auction, by date and time of receipt. The Room reserves the right to reject any bids received after 2:00 p.m. on the day of the auction, without having to provide any justification or explanation whatsoever.

In the event of a draw between a bid made in the Room and one made in writing, the latter will prevail.

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Bids by phone

Bids may be placed by phone, for lots with a starting price that is equal to or greater than 500€, which will also be formalised in writing in the forms provided by the Room or through any other electronic or remote means. An order to place a bid by phone means that the bidder undertakes to at least cover the starting price. The Room hereby disclaims all liability for the failure or loss of telephone contact, in which case the Room will cover the bidder’s starting price.

In the event of a draw between a bid made in the Room and one made in writing, the latter will prevail.

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Online auctions

Periodically "Anteo Subastas" will put his lot in Online Auction, the register users in may bid for these lots through a system of Bids Maximum:

  • You indicate which is the maximum you're willing to pay for certain lot.
  • The auction will gradually rise as the ranges indicated in the General Conditions.
  • At the time of making the highest bid will be indicated if your bid is high enough bids to surpass established to date. Your bid is the highest among all existing bids or not, you will be informed as soon as the current bid is located.
  • If there are two bids will have exactly the same as valid the most current bid.

If your bid is exceeded you will be notified via e-mail, and this fact has been placed as the current bid.

In any case, "Anteo Subastas" reserves the right to accept any bid made by online bidding system, may reject although the system validates.

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Award and Storage expenses

Any persons intending to make a bid at the auction must complete the standard file request or form to confirm their future purchases, further to the terms of the auction, which will be provided by the Room at the desk enabled for this purpose, thereafter assigning a number to each bidder.

All awarded lots will be paid by the awardee/purchaser within a maximum of seven days and withdrawn within a maximum of twenty calendar days; both timeframes will begin to run as of the auction award date. If this second timeframe expires without the awardee/purchaser having withdrawn the acquired lot or lots, custody and storage costs will accrue by lot/day of 5 Euros; if fifteen calendar days transpire since the auction date without the purchaser paying and/or withdrawing the lots, “ANTEO SUBASTAS” may either deem the sale as terminated and auction the lot again, or bring legal action to claim the final awarded price of the lot not paid, as well as claiming a penalty consisting of legal interest and storage expenses since the auction date. As for any future damage that may be caused to the awarded lots, these will be entirely paid by the awardee/purchaser.

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Duties or Commissions of the room

The total payable by the awardee/purchaser to the Room as duties or commissions for participating in the transaction will be of 20% of the auction price, plus the corresponding 21% VAT on the 20% commission. Any amounts representing packaging costs, insurance, lot transportation and storage, as they gradually accrue after the award, will be separately paid to the Room, along with applicable tax, by the awardee/purchaser.

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Methods of payment

In order to settle your lots, credit/debit card payment is possible through our website. BBVA has a Virtual POS, an on-line payment gateway allowing you to pay for your lots with a card, through the Internet, easily and, above all, safely.

The BBVA on-line payment platform integrates the CES system (Secure Electronic Purchases). Further to international Visa and MasterCard SecureCode Verified protocols, this provides a high level of payment security and protection. In addition to the CES protocol, the Virtual POS is configured with “velocity check” security limitations.

You may also pay in cash at our offices in Calle Garibay, 18, 20004, San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, for amounts under 2,500 euros, pursuant to Act 7/2012 of 29 October. A bank transfer may be made to the Room’s current account or a bank-endorsed cheque provided.

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